Unlock Android’s Full Potential: The 15 Best Xposed Modules for Marshmallow & Lollipop

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With its vast ecosystem and flexibility, Android has always been about personalization. Xposed modules have paved the way for infinite customization without needing to flash or modify ROMs. These nifty modules allow users to tweak, modify, and optimize their phones to the smallest detail.

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Benefits of Using Xposed Modules

Customizing your device is more than just about aesthetics. With Xposed Modules, users get unparalleled:

Customization Freedom

Change any part of the system from boot animations to battery icons.

Enhanced Performance and Features

Improve speed battery life and add features not present in stock Android.

Easy Rollback and Management

There is no need for complicated rollbacks; disable any module with just a click.

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Understanding Marshmallow & Lollipop

Marshmallow and Lollipop, though not the latest, are robust Android versions powering many devices worldwide. They brought in features that set the stage for future Android updates, with Marshmallow focusing on battery optimization and Lollipop introducing a fresh design.

Precautions Before Installation

Before diving into the customization world, it’s vital to:

Take regular backups to safeguard data.

Ensure the module’s compatibility with your Android version.

Know the risks; not all modules might play well with your system.

The 15 Best Xposed Modules for Marshmallow & Lollipop

Modules make Android unique, and here’s the cream of the crop:


Customize every nook and cranny.


Extend battery life by putting background processes in check.


Hibernate power-draining apps.

And the list continues, ensuring your device becomes genuinely yours.

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Installing and Managing Xposed Modules

Dabble carefully

Follow the installation process step-by-step.

Ensure smooth operation by not overloading with too many modules.

Encounter a hiccup? The community always has troubleshooting tips.

Safety and Security Considerations

While Xposed offers freedom, it’s essential to:

Ensure you’re downloading modules from reputable sources.

Stay updated to steer clear of security vulnerabilities.

Beware of malware posing as legitimate modules.

Community and Support

The Xposed community is ever-thriving, with enthusiasts and experts ready to help. Online forums, YouTube tutorials, or even Reddit threads, the solutions are endless.


What’s the fundamental difference between Xposed and custom ROMs?

Xposed offers specific tweaks, while ROMs are complete system overhauls. Xposed is like that magic wand in your toolkit, letting you sprinkle specific customizations here and there without changing your entire Android system. It’s all about those bite-sized tweaks. On the other hand, custom ROMs? They’re the full monty! It’s like swapping out the entire wardrobe for a fresh look. With ROMs, you’re diving deep, giving your phone an entirely new version of Android. So, whether you’re just jazzing things up with Xposed or going all out with a custom ROM, you’re taking control and making that device yours. Dive in and own it!

Can I run multiple modules simultaneously?

Absolutely, but be wary of conflicts and system overloads. Think of Xposed modules like apps on your smartphone. Just as you can have multiple apps installed and running, you can also rock several Xposed modules simultaneously. But here’s the kicker: while it’s doable, you’ve got to be a bit watchful. Some modules clash like two divas sharing a stage. Things can get little if they try to tweak the same part of your system. Trial and error is the name of the game. Just keep an eye out, mix and match, and you’ll find that sweet spot where all your modules play nicely together. Go ahead and customize away, champ!

Is it challenging to uninstall a module?

No, they can be easily disabled or removed via the Xposed Installer. If Xposed modules were party guests, uninstalling one would be like kindly showing an overstaying guest the door. Head over to the Xposed Installer, find the module you’re done partying with, and give it the boot. No hard feelings, no lingering traces. You can always invite it back in if you ever change your mind. So, in Android customization, it’s as easy as saying “thanks for the memories” and moving on. You’ve got this!

Are Xposed Modules safe?

As with any third-party software, source integrity matters. Always download from trusted platforms. In the vast sea of Xposed Modules, most of them are genuinely solid and safe. These are crafted by passionate developers who want to sprinkle extra magic onto Android. But as with anything digital, there might be a few sneaky fish. The key? Stay smart! Stick to reputable sources, check out user reviews, and join a forum to see what the community’s buzzing about. With a dash of caution and a sprinkle of research, you’ll dive into Xposed Modules with confidence and flair. Stay savvy and happy customizing!

Will using modules void my warranty?

It might be for some manufacturers. Always check their policies. Here’s the straight scoop: dabbling with Xposed Modules might ruffle some feathers regarding your device’s warranty. Manufacturers are touchy about users tweaking the system. It’s like going off-road with a brand-new car; the dealer might not be thrilled if something goes haywire. That said, every manufacturer’s policy is its beast. Some might be cool as a cucumber with it, while others… not so much. Best bet? Please quickly peek at your device’s warranty terms or give their support a ring. A little homework upfront can save you a game of 20 questions later. Keep rocking that customization, but play it smart!

How often are modules updated?

How often a module gets spruced up depends on its popularity and the dedication of its developer. The superstar modules, which everyone raves about, typically see updates. These developers are on their game, ensuring their brainchild stays sharp, compatible, and bug-free. But then there are those niche modules, the hidden gems. They might roll out the red carpet with updates less often because they cater to a smaller crowd or do their job perfectly. Your best bet? Keep an eye on the module’s page or community forums. They’re your front-row ticket to the update show. Happy modding, and here’s always to have the latest and greatest!


Android has been about breaking boundaries since its inception, and the Xposed Framework magnifies that freedom. The list of the 15 best modules for Marshmallow & Lollipop provides users with a canvas to mold their devices to reflect their needs and personality. As technology evolves, the bond between man and gadget becomes more intimate, and tools like Xposed ensure that this relationship is always on the user’s terms.

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